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(subject to availability)

  Lunch Dinner
 Monday  5/20/2024 ClosedClosed 
 Tuesday 5/21/2024 Roast Beef Sandwich / Dinner Mexican Night
 Wednesday 5/22/2024 WINGS!  (10 for $9) WINGS!  (10 for $9)
 Thursday 5/23/2024 Chopped Cheese Sandwich Chopped Cheese Sandwich
 Friday 5/24/2024 Chicken Fried Steak Seared Duck Breast
    with Blackberry Sauce
 Saturday 5/25/2024 Closed for Lunch Seared Duck Breast
    with Blackberry Sauce
 Sunday 5/26/2024 Closed for Lunch Smothered Prime
(Tables over 10, one check please!)